About us

Prop Maker's workshop is Irelands leading Prop and Display company. Prop Maker is part of the Prop Me Up Group. Located in Sandyford, Dublin.

Prop Maker grew out of the need for quick turn around, high quality props and displays. We mix talent with automation to offer our clients an unrivalled service.

We provide props for promotional and marketing activities, events, film and TV productions, theatre, set design, festivals and photo shoots.

Our team consists of prop builders, poly sculptors, joiners, welders, experts in fibre glass, artists and designers. With these skills anything is possible.

The warehouse

Stages of production


The first stage of our production is to create a series of detailed visuals and drawings. Our artists pay great attention to detail at this stage to create an accurate drawing. This not only helps you to visual your ideas, it also enables you to get a sense of scale and perspective.


Once the design has been signed off, our specialist team can begin the construction phase. This process consists of carefully hand crafting the prop through numerous methods. Great care and attention is required here and the sharpest of eyes to ensure we bring to life your desired creation.


Once the construction is complete the final process can begin. Our creations are brought to life with the help of our talented artists. Our painters go to great lengths to ensure that every detail is included in this process using airbrushing and traditional methods to create a unique centerpiece that will be a memorable addition to your event.